Fitspiration On Social Media: Is It Helping Or Hurting Your Health Goals?

Social media and health goals.

Social media and health

The hashtag #Fitspo is often seen on Instagram posts touting exercise, healthy living and clean food. It’s popular among celebrities, athletes, lifestyle gurus and people who are marketing their particular brand of ‘good for you’ products and services. The images that accompany #Fitspo are, as one might expect, of fit and healthy people doing fit and healthy things.

The question is; is this really inspirational or does it sabotage the average person as they work towards their own health goals? It seems as if the results are decidedly mixed.

Health related social content can impact viewers’ dispositions about weight

One study has shown that people who were exposed to fitness related social media content were increasingly concerned with their own weight. This concern was aggravated when subjects were exposed to posts of people they perceived to be fitter than they were. According to Dr Anand Thakkar, Chief MD at Chicago Weight Loss Clinic, “more staggering was the fact that this effect was seen even when the nature of the fitness related posts were positive and encouraged healthy lifestyles. If it is well managed, this could be the motivation for viewers of such post to adopt healthier lifestyle choices when it comes to weight and fitness.”

Interestingly enough, this happened less frequently when the viewer perceived the poster as being at a higher fitness level than themselves. Instead, it was more likely for negative thoughts to occur among people who saw themselves at a similar fitness level to the individual making the fitness related post.


Exclusive: every new Range Rover coming until 2023

Autocar has been digging deep into its wealth of industry contacts to reveal plans for all the new Range Rovers coming over the next five years.

We’ve also got our expert artists to conjure up our vision of what the new models will look like. Join us as we look into what the world-leading maker of premium SUVs has in store:


Celebrity Edge Sails In Innovative Technology

Celebrity Edge, the newest vessel in the Celebrity Cruises’ fleet, set sail in late November 2018. Photo courtesy of Celebrity CruisesPhoto courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

For Celebrity Cruises, 2018 has ended on a high note, with the arrival of the Celebrity Edge at Port Everglades’ Terminal 25 (T25) in Hollywood, FL in late November. Along with being the latest addition to Celebrity Cruises’ fleet in six years, the Celebrity Edge is bringing innovative technology on the high seas and taking guest experiences to an immersive level.

The Celebrity Edge‘s ship-climbing Magic Carpet platform is an engineering marvel.Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

One eye-catching engineering feat is the Magic Carpet, a cantilevered venue being tangerine in color and size of a tennis court. When positioned along various deck levels, the Magic Carpet can become an exclusive restaurant or an open-air expansion of the ship’s main pool area or a component to the ship’s Destination Gateway, a luxury embarkation station for boarding the adjacent Edge Launches departure vessels.

Dining gets illuminated as well. Inside Le Grand Bistro, one of the ship’s 29 food and beverage offerings that reflects a French bistro, passengers will be entertained by “Le Petit Chef and Friends,” an animated tabletop 4D presentation. Then there’s Eden, an outward facing space is described as being part culinary experience, part performance venue.

“Le Petit Chef and Friends” is an animated 4D delight to watch onboard Celebrity Edge.Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises


Amazon will give you a free Echo Dot when you buy 4 Tile Bluetooth trackers

echo tile bundle

We all know the age-old annoyance of losing our keys, phones, and other small-but-necessary objects. Tile is here to help with that, providing handy little Bluetooth-equipped “tiles” to help track down your missing stuff. And today, you can choose from two different bundles, each with a second-gen Echo Dot that’s essentially free.

A bundle with two Tile Mate, two Tile Slim, and an Echo Dot is $60 on Amazon, down from a list price of $110, and a bundle with four Tile Mate + Tile Pro (two each in black and white) and an Echo Dot is $100, down from a list price of $140.

All three Tile varieties in the sales have the same basic item-finding abilities. Once you’ve attached a Tile to an object and paired it to your phone, you can use the app or tell your Amazon Echo to make it ring if it’s within Bluetooth range. (Protip: slip one in your wallet or purse!) You can also see the last place your Tile checked in, so you’ll be able to get an idea of your item’s general vicinity, allowing you to get close before ringing it. There’s also a Community feature which allows you to be notified if your Tile is identified by other users’ devices.

There are a few differences among the bundled Tiles. The Tile Slim is, as the name suggests, the thinnest of the offerings. Because of this, it doesn’t have a replaceable battery, but it slides easily into narrow places like wallets. The Tile Mate has a Bluetooth range up to 150ft., as well as a ring that is 1.5x louder than that of the Slim and a replaceable battery. Finally, the most expensive of the three, the Tile Pro, features a ring 3x louder than that of the Slim, as well as a Bluetooth range up to 300ft. and a replaceable battery.

All three can be found via voice control using the Tile skill in the Alexa app.

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Coffee Nutrition: Amazing Coffee Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

Coffee Nutrition: Amazing Coffee Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

If the smell of freshly brewed coffee brings a smile on your face, then read on. Coffee happens to be one of the most loved beverages across the world. The coffee that we drink is derived from dark brown aromatic beans that grow on coffee trees. Origins of the coffee plant coffea can be traced back to Sudan and Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius and Reunion in the Indian Ocean. It is now cultivated across the world and is the second most consumed drink worldwide after water. There are primarily two varieties of coffee – c.arabica and c.robusta. Arabica beans are flat and add acidity to the flavour, while Robusta beans are oval in shape and make a bitter brew. The coffee we drink is brewed from the dried and roasted seeds of the berries of certain coffea plants. The drink we get is dark, bitter, a little acidic and stimulating because of its caffeine content. Caffeine is present naturally in seeds, leaves and fruits of a number of plants and is safe for consumption in moderate amounts. Caffeine content of coffee depends on how it is brewed.

Caffeine content (mg) Serving size
Instant coffee 60-80 250ml
Café coffee-latte or cappuccino 113-282 250ml
Expresso- short Black 107 (25-214) 1 shot

Source: Australian Beverages

In addition to caffeine, coffee beans have other nutrients too:

Nutrition In Coffee:

One eight-ounce cup of regular coffee contains about:

– 2.4 calories
– 0 grams fat
– 0 grams sugar
– 0.3 grams protein
– 0.2 milligrams vitamin B2 riboflavin
– 116 milligrams potassium

Coffee also contains antioxidants that are linked to protection against inflammation, which is the root cause of a number of diseases. Antioxidants act against free radicals in our body converting them to harmless substances that are then flushed out. Roasted coffee has the best amounts of antioxidants. Some of the antioxidants found in coffee and their effects are:

Cafestol: This is linked to enhancing memory.
Trigonelline: It is high in roasted coffee; gives it the bitter flavour and has antibacterial properties.
Chlorogenic Acid: This is found both in roasted and green coffee, and has important anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect in our body.
Caffeine: It is being investigated as an antioxidant.


These Are The Gadgets Tech Experts Are Hoping For This Holiday Season

he holidays are upon us, and shoppers are in the midst of researching the latest and greatest high-tech gifts. We decided to go straight to the source, asking top tech experts which gadgets they’ve had their eyes on this year. Whether they want to give these products as a gift or receive one for themselves, here are the products that top Forbes Technology Council members’ lists.


1. Apple Watch Series 4

While many people have considered the Apple Watch to be superfluous, unnecessary technology for technology’s sake, the latest version is, in fact, a boon to geriatric healthcare. With fall detection and the ability to monitor your vitals and call emergency services, there’s now a much more fashionable alternative to “life alert” technologies that your grandparents may want to wear. – David Isaac Murray,

2. HTC Vive

An HTC Vive works well with everyone, ranging from adults to young children. I took my kids to a VR gaming arcade and it was heaven. My youngest doesn’t understand that it’s just a headset. He thinks he’s actually transported to a different world. It’s unreal! If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. – Matthew Barlocker, Blue Matador

3. Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat

It’s more on the wish list for Apple to release it than it is on my personal wish list. With a growing number of electronic devices, it has become cumbersome to keep track of different charging cables or even wireless chargers. The AirPower wireless charging mat is a nice initiative to remove the need for separate charging resources for multiple devices. Hopefully, it comes out this holiday season. – Vikram Joshi, pulsd


Asus ZenFone Max M2 vs ZenFone Max Pro M2: What’s the Difference?

Asus ZenFone Max M2 vs ZenFone Max Pro M2: What's the Difference?

After many teasers, Asus has finally launched the Asus ZenFone Max M2 and the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 smartphones in the country. The two phones are priced fairly aggressively, and look to give tough competition to other entry-level and entry-to-mid level phones in the market. The Asus ZenFone Max M2 and the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 phones are a little bit different in terms of design, and come with slightly different specifications as well. The devices are both exclusive to Flipkart, and will go on sale next week with launch offers.

We pit the Asus ZenFone Max M2 with the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 to see what the differences between the two.

Asus ZenFone Max M2 vs ZenFone Max Pro M2 price

The most obvious difference between the two phones is the price. The Asus ZenFone Max M2 is cheaper than the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 variant, which starts at Rs. 12,999 for the 3GB RAM/ 32GB inbuilt storage variant, going up to Rs. 14,999 for the 4GB RAM/ 64GB inbuilt storage variant, and Rs. 16,999 for the 6GB RAM/ 64GB inbuilt storage variant.

On the other hand, the Asus ZenFone Max M2 price in India starts at Rs. 9,999 for the 3GB RAM/ 32GB inbuilt storage variant, going up to Rs. 11,999 for the 4GB RAM/ 64GB storage variant.

The ZenFone Max Pro M2 will be available in Blue and Titanium colour variants from December 18, exclusively via Flipkart. Launch offers include no-cost EMIs, and discounted rates for Flipkart’s Complete Mobile Protection programme (available at Rs. 99).

On the other hand, ZenFone Max M2 will be available in Blue and Black colour variants in India from December 20, exclusively via Flipkart. It has similar launch offers.


Ideas for Profit | IndoStar Capital Finance: Sound fundamentals at compelling valuations

Image result for Ideas for Profit | IndoStar Capital Finance: Sound fundamentals at compelling valuations

– IndoStar Capital Finance is transforming from a wholesale financier to a diversified lender
– Diversification strategy to gradually push-up operating cost
– Asset quality has been resilient so far but remains vulnerable
– More-than-adequate capital and comfortable liquidity are key differentiators
– Company maintains growth outlook despite tight funding environment

– Strong return ratios and compelling valuations makes it a worthy buy

Non-banking financial companies (NBFC) stocks have seen a sharp fall since September-end following liquidity concerns that engulfed the sector. While the correction has eliminated valuation froth creating some interesting investment opportunities, funding in the near term is expected to remain constrained, demanding a selective approach.

After running through a long list of NBFCs that have been penalised by markets, but stand out in terms of business fundamentals and valuation, we zeroed in on  IndoStar Capital Finance.

Incremental loan growth driven by retail assets

Primarily a wholesale financier, the company forayed into SME, vehicle and housing finance to de-risk its loan book. The result of its diversification strategy is clearly evident in the changing mix of its Rs 7,767 crore loan book. Non–corporate loans now constitute 37 percent of its loan book as at September end as against 22 percent a year ago. In fact, 68 percent of disbursements in Q2 FY19 was towards the three focused retail segments (SME, vehicle and housing finance).


Deaf gym junkie’s Auslan fitness classes believed to be Australian first

Deaf gym instructor Jarran Harris with a kettle bell

All around Australia, gym-goers are yelled at by enthusiastic exercise class instructors to go harder and faster.

But, that can be pretty tough to follow if you’re deaf.

Self-described Hobart gym freak Jarran Harris was born without hearing.

The 27-year-old is combining his passion for fitness with his skills Australian sign language (Auslan) to instruct gym classes for the deaf.

The free classes will be trialled for six months at Hobart’s PCYC, which received support from the Hobart City Council to establish the classes and provide free membership for participants.

It’s believed to be an Australian first.

Signing the workout

To get the class pumping, Mr Harris will use Auslan to explain the moves along with emphasised expressions.

He said deaf people would feel more comfortable participating in the class if it was run by a deaf person.

“It will break down the barriers,” he said.

“I’ll be running bootcamp and circuit which involves weight training along with a core workout, whole-body workout and we will use exercise equipment.”

Breaking down daily barriers

There are about 500 deaf people in Tasmania, and one in six of the population are hard of hearing.

Expression Australia chief executive Christine Mathieson said deaf and hard-of-hearing people experienced many barriers in daily life, particularly when it came to access to communication and Auslan.

She said the InstructAbility program was great example of making an everyday activity more accessible.

“By having a deaf instructor who is fitness industry qualified running classes in Auslan means people can access the program in their native language,” she said.




Nokia 8.1 goes on pre-order in Taiwan, comes with a free case

The Nokia 8.1, the global version of the Nokia X7 is now available to order in Taiwan after going official yesterday.

The phone is priced at NT$ 9,990 (€285), which is a significant step down from its projected €400 ($454) price in Europe. Nokia Taiwan even bundles a clear case with the phone and also offer the official flip case at a discounted price of NT$ 22 ($0.71). So far it looks like the only available color is Steel. Pre-orders are live now and shipments are expected to start on December 12.

The United Arab Emirates are expected to start Nokia 8.1 pre-orders later today at a price of AED 1,500 ($410).

The Nokia 8.1 packs a 6.18-inch IPS LCD of 1080x2280px resolution, a Snapdragon 710 chipset with 6GB of RAM, a 3,500mAh battery and a dual 12MP + 13MP main camera at the back.